Kimberly MacArthur Graham
Artist Bio

Photo by Todd Nakashima

I was born in Dallas, Texas, lived in several places across the US, and eventually chose Denver, Colorado as home.  Contrary to what many people believe, Denver is neither full of cows nor a “town.” It is a thriving city with an attractive mix of friendly people, natural beauty, sunshine, and, yes, culture.

I live in a renovated Victorian house with a remarkably supportive husband, a handful of oddly charming animals, and a garden full of sculpture and secrets.  When I’m not obsessing over art, you can find me outside (usually) – gardening, walking, hiking, running, or snowshoeing - or inside (the kitchen, usually), cooking or eating something inspired by the latest issue of Food and Wine.

Like most artists, I have been making art since I was a child. Bless my parents for putting most of it on the refrigerator. At university, I took my first painting class. From the moment I laid oil paint into panel, I fell in love with the medium’s visual and material sensuality. Recently, I re-learned the childhood pleasure of artistic play and began drawing again, then making collages, then tiptoeing into prints, artist books. . .  I cannot stop. Too, I’ve discovered the joys of collaborating, of blending and communicating and creating with a partner. I cannot stop that, either; it’s a thread that weaves too well into my solitary work.

I am a member of an artist-owned gallery in Denver and represented by galleries in three other cities. Hop to the “purchase” page for more information.

My work is regularly shown at both commercial galleries and art centers across the Western US, and has been included in shows nationwide. Currently, I am actively seeking venues outside the States.

I revel in speaking about my work and am often asked to give artist’s talks. The connections I make with people through my art and my words are invaluable to me.

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