Kimberly MacArthur Graham
The Seduction <<

Autumn: Clark Street Bridge (Chicago, IL)
7 panels, 72" x 84" overall = (3 @ 72" x 12" and 4 @ 48" x 12"
Tar paper, watermark stripe paper, acrylic, and oil on wood

I traveled to Chicago in October 2007 to run the marathon. The event was miserable due to extraordinary heat and humidity, but the city was, as always, wondrous. At high noon I witnessed a remarkable performance, a collaboration between an artist, Hugh Musick, and a composer, Eric Roth. They had mapped out the tonal range of one of the city’s iconic steel bridges, and then used those sounds in a percussive composition performed on site. The radiant sun, the fluid motion of the performers and the responsive audience, and the rhythms of the music, echoed visually and aurally against the skyline: all are distilled here.

For more information on the Clark Street Bridge Percussion Orchestra, click here to visit the CSBPO page on artist Hugh Musick’s site.