Kimberly MacArthur Graham
Western Icons

More than 100 years after the closing of the Western frontier, the emptiness of this vast tract of the U.S. remains daunting. Cities are pinpricks on this unforgiving land, hopeful tenuous dots with names like Rising Star, Dime Box, and Muleshoe. Cattle and "rocking horse" pumping units are the only beings visible for miles around, subjects of the rudderless windmills standing sovereign. Angry voids of abandoned train trestles form a string of black pearls. The horizon goes on forever, sometimes shimmering in the heated air.

Resting uneasily, deep under all this, nestled in thick layers of humus and swaddled in lore, the true stories of the land rumble.

Many pieces in the Western Icons series are drawings. Click here to see them in the Drawings gallery.

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