Kimberly MacArthur Graham

Detail from Winter: Chicago Lakes Trail, 2007-08

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My newest body of work draws upon observations of places I've wandered and loved, from snow-robed mountains to thunderous plains.

Each location possessed so much power, so much allure, that it engendered in me what novelist Paul Watkins calls, “a kind of interior stillness that, if you are patient, comes upon you suddenly, like the breaking of a wave, as if you are suddenly absorbed into everything around you.” (The Fellowship of Ghosts, pp. 90-91)

I hope that you will come and see the show in Denver or, if you cannot, that you will take a look at the Seduction gallery here.

Seductive, Still

May 2 – 31, 2008
SPACE Gallery in Denver, CO, USA

Thursday, May 29, 7 pm: Closing reception featuring FREE special musical performance hosted by composer/musician Eric Roth

Click here for more details on the closing event and the painting raffle (!!) on May 29.

Click here to see the entire series.

“[Graham’s] paintings have a luscious juiciness to them, a richness of color and depth and sheen accomplished by lots of paint – as many as a half-dozen layers of lustrous translucent colors.”
– Colleen Smith, Colorado Expression